vzbĺknuť: the ĺ is in fact a syllabic [l̩ː] That means it can create a syllable so it kind of sort of acts like a vowel. Same for the r in Vrch which represents the sound [r̩]. That sound also exists in Czech as well as in other Slavic languages such as Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Macedonian.

I was hoping vzbĺknuť would be the Slovak title of Catching Fire, but apparently it is not. Apparently it is called Skúška ohňom. Skúška means test or proof. Ohňom comes from oheň = fire.Any chance that Skúška ohňom could somehowbe translated as moment of truth? If yes, that would make me really happy… Also, the Czech title for Catching fire isVražedná pomsta which has nothing to do with fire! Vražedný = deadly, fierce, homicidal. Pomsta = revenge [according to my dictionary!]

This is a pointless post, but there’s no one out there willing to share my excitement about this stuff but I still need to talk about it so I post it on my blog. 

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    Aah, that makes those cluster-looking words seem much more manageable. In general it is a mistake to imagine that other...
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    Regarding Skúška ohňom… could that be “Trial by Fire” by any chance?
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    If you want really mean consonant clusters (pure onsets without any syllabic elements), look at Georgian: gvprckvnis...
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